April 11, 2012


Hey!!! A Toshiba Satellite (vintage 1997 or 1998) was what I had. Wonder if Bogie still has it?

Glad to see you got there!

Congratulations! Bet you'll end up enjoying the heck out of it! Me, I'm still a MAC gal....

CC - No, remember I told you that after it served time at WS's work, I gave it to a guy I worked with so his aunt had a computer to play games on?

WD - Glad you got the new computer. I haven't found much difference between twista (my home lap top) and W7 (lap top at work). For both laptops I got wireless mice becuase I just can't do the pad thing very well or quick.

I also got a keyboard for the work laptop as I need the number keypad (I deal with lots of numbers) and regular key spacing for quick typing. My home laptop has the number keypad - I specifically looked for that feature when I bought.

Bogie; that was part of the reason I got the Tosh was for the 10 key. I sacrificed getting an i7 and settled with the i5 to get the bigger screen. And, of the choices between the other two I liked (an HP and a Dull), the keyboard spacing was more comfy and more set up for touch. The others two were too tight and flat/square for my liking. But, yes, I did get a wireless mouse and keyboard...actually, we got a new set for Dudette and I took her old one.

You guys are nuts! I don't like the extra width required to accommodate the 10-key numerical pad. Of course, neither do I like the extra depth required to accommodate a stupid touchpad "mouse". If I want to get serious about inputs, I'll add what I need.

P.S. I did like the old Toshiba (thanks for reminding me, Bogie) because it had a tiny joystick mounted among the keys. Took up no room attall.

CC - when you are typing in numbers a lot (as I do - even on my home laptop), it is so much easier and faster to use the keypad. Also, since I got a 17" screen (can't see the 15 or 14" ones well enough, there is no extra width.

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