February 27, 2011


I would have LOVED to see the expression on Ms WD's face! It must have been wonderful. And I think it'll be a LONG time before you live that one down (if ever). Keep on having fun!

750! that wouldn't so much cook them as incinerate them! as for the pork chops....were they chops or charcoal? :-)
i like your family's humour.

In our family pork chops ARE charcoal!! As long as WD makes them.

WD--Don't let anyone give you grief about what the temperature would have done to the cookies. It would have done nothing bad to the cookies. Dudette could not have put the cookies into the oven - the oven would have locked itself at a temperature below 750 degrees. (Aren't you lucky?!)

Oh sure, just when everyone was having fun (at WD's expense), some logical Engineer comes along and spoils it for everyone! :)

Bogie--Have no fear, the fun will continue regardless of any facts or logic presented.

Cop Car--I don't think either oven will get to a temp that high, even in the "self-cleaning" mode (I'll have to double check though). But to even GET to the self-clean feature, the doors must be (like in an airplane) in the upright and locked position.

However, if that kiln of yours is not being used...we have some cookies to make. (CK gave us that option, BTW)

WD--I used to know at what temperature our Norge electric oven cleaned itself; but, now I'm not sure of my memory. I remember 900 degrees F. I do know that I melted some burner parts that I put into the oven to clean (probably high in lead which melts at something over 600 degrees F, depending upon the alloy).

Bogie--That's the nicest thing anyone has ever called me. *smiling*

P.S. The kiln is a Skutt KM-1027, single-phase, 240 Volt, 48 Amp (I'll do the multiplication for you - 11520 Watt) kiln that fires up to Cone 10 (about 2345 degrees F). Please check with Dudette to see if that is sufficient. ; )

Cop Car: I'll let Dudette know. Next time we need something heated quickly, you will be the first one we contact.

Bogie: After the engineers I put up with all day long, a logical one is a pleasant change of pace. Sometimes, I even feel spoiled.

Gosh Cop Car - I'll try to think of something less complimentary next time.

It happens to me to misread the information. Probably the fatigue of the eyes. I'm glad that you didn't burn that cookies, it was bad to throw them :D

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