May 02, 2009


Better watch ou or the next thing you guys will be getting is an eye-pod so you can take the music with you.

By the way, before you go there, there are also brands. WS has the one from the fruit company and mine is from the company that apparently was started by a walking man - mine has radio too.

LOL i love my tunes and pod. They are something I can't live without!!!

PS. Have you met pandora.com yet? You can type in the name of a song or a particular artist and it streams other music that is similar that you may love, plus you can rate each one thumbs up or down so it really learns your musical tastes.


I don't even have room on my walking man (4 GB) to put on more music - and I haven't gotten to download all the music on our collection that I would like to. I certainly don't need to go anyplace and find even more music because then I really would have to spring for the 8 GB (or, OMG, the 166MB) model - don't give me ideas LOL!

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