February 08, 2009


Very interesting.. is this the spellcheck built into typepad that you are using or is this Word? I've never had those issues with Word so ... (giving you funny looks)...

I agree totally. I am the world's worst speller (ask the heathen, she'll confirm) so I rely on spell check. But when I can see the bad in it, then there is something seriously wrong. I tried to use google, but it just brings up people who spell as bad as I do (was going to say worse, but since I own that title guess I can't)!

Instead of going to google and typing in the word add Define: in front of it, that way you have a better chance of getting the right word. Otherwise, use a word processor with spellcheck.

My daughter drives me insane asking me about how to spell things and her teachers are the same way! I've NEVER met teachers who can't spell until this year! It's appalling.

I've known for a long time that Spell Check will let errors through. I'm reasonably good at spelling, but I'm terrible at typing, so I frequently Spell Check and then proofread.

Texting is going to make a LOT of kids hopeless at spelling! I think phones should be banned at school when school is in session, and I would probably only allow my child a phone when he or she had honor roll grades and they could afford to pay for it.

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