December 31, 2008


I have the shock of the year for you....Chew caught and could name all of the movie references correctly. I told you it would be a shock :)

In NH, We wouldn't even bother filing - getting paid vacation time is the same as working (so is being paid any compensation whatsoever). Also, getting the week's wait done with for the year - we have to wait a week for each claim. Each state is obviously different.

CK: No, I'm really not shocked Chew could name them. That's right down his alley.

Bogie: Vacation, Holiday, or any worked hours, counts against benefits. However, if you make less than your benefit amount, then you are eligible. In my case, it should satisfy my "waiting week" period. Then, if more shutdowns happen, I won't have to wait to receive payment. And like yours, I have to wait till the week off is over to even file a claim.

I'm not sure we are understanding each other. In NH, you have to wait a week before benefits kick in, each time you are unemployed. The first week that you claim (first week off), is not EVER paid for, ragardless of how many times you are unemployed during the year.

It sounds to me like you are saying that once you get a week off, uncompensated by unemployment, then any subsequent time you file in the year, you get paid for each week off.

Additionally, our unemployement compensation is so low, that if you are compensated for more than 1.5 days that week, effectively you won't get anything.

it all sounds like a nightmare to me. no fun any of it.

Bogie: WOW! Didn't know NH was such a tight-wad. So, as I understand this, EVERY time you are unemployeed, the first week of THAT event, is unpaid. No matter how recently you filed a claim. If so, I bet it cools the jets of the abusers of the system.

For us, once you satisfy your yearly (12 month rolling) waiting period, you are eligible for benefits. As it turned out, apparently I had satisfied the requirement. I received a payment, minus what I'd earned (of course). Our compensation is based on a percentage of several previous Quarter's earnings. I figured mine to be about 50%.

I've only filed a couple times in my career. Usually I just use vacation as, if needed, we normally only shutdown for a week or two. But as I said in the post, with the economy, more time off is possible. So I am just trying to cover as many bases as possible. If we end up with an extended slowdown, vacation probably wouldn't cover it all.

Gee...the things that I learn. There was a year (1985) when there were only 6 weeks (scattered) that I actually drew pay for working, through July. However, instead of asking them to lay me off so that I could draw unemployment, I had them pay me for 40 hours per week of compensatory time off that I had accummulated during 1984. I did go to my office a lot during those months, to check out leads for programs that I could sell, and I finally found a program on which to work in mid-August. From then on, with that employer, I always found another program to work on before finishing whatever I was doing.

The only time that I left employment by a company's request (layoff), I was able to find employment before my actual layoff date and missed not one day's work. The way my employment history worked out sounds to have been much easier than dealing with unemployment. Better you should have to deal with that! ; )

Living through that...the Georgia system seems a lot easier...almost too easy.

Just Damn!

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