July 15, 2008


A swarm of anything is just plain creepy. Spiders I don't mind, and occasional ant or two I dont' mind. Anthills boiling over with ants I do mind (in our yard, that is a way of life) and a swarm of spiders does not give me the warm fuzzies (unless they are not headed straight towards me).

I guess a swarm of butterflies is okay though.

There is no amount of Japanese Beetles that is okay (1 is way too much).

Oh my! Knocked on your backside - I laughed and laughed when I read your post this morning. Then I went out and was mowing (riding mower). I'd been ducking this small tree limb when, on the final pass, I forgot! Darn- I saw stars in the middle of the day. Lucky for me I drive the mower with a death grip or no telling where I'd have ended up.

And I totally agree with Bogie on the Japanese Beetles. I'm still vacuuming up bodies!!

I seem to have been appointed the chief string trimmer for our household, and I desperately need to get out and get it done. It's been more than a month since I last trimmed due to one thing or an other. It's satisfying to get out there and clean things up, so that when you look out the window you're not seeing a jungle. Next up is the weeding of the herb beds! I could be outside for a couple of days, if I only had the time!

I hope your back is okay, and that the string trimmer is behaving itself.

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