May 24, 2008


Although that is a funny story, if a teacher for computer lab didn't know there was an "effin" key, just what are they doing there? I mean really, even the Pricipal knew what the poor guy meant!

I am surprised that a computer lab teacher didn't know what the "effin" key.It's very sad to all student.

I was just as confused about how the teacher didn't get "the effin key". However, I myself hadn't a clue (but I did have a suspicion) as I don't normally use a laptop. And the one I DO use occasionally, I have no reason to use the Function keys. Asked the same question, I would have sent the kid to the principal as well. But then, I'm not a comp lab teacher.

Since it all ended at the principals office relaying the story to the Dad, I have no idea if the light went on after the kid was sent out. For all I know, the instructor was trying to chase the student down at the very moment the principal was rolling on the floor.

Funny story... I like it. Thanks

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