May 11, 2008


Let us not forget that even the Prius does not get good mileage when driven in the fashion that you describe. It gets better mileage in city driving than it does on the hiway, as a matter of fact. They are a pretty nice car--as is the hybrid Corolla (I think I have the right model, there), which I test drove last year. The only reason I didn't go with the hybrid was lack of trunk space and tiny pass-through when the back seat is folded down. You see, all of those batteries have to go somewhere. In Toyota's case, they go in the trunk. Since my car is just a glorified trash hauler (the first thing I put in the trunk of my new car was a wheelbarrow and a bunch of gardening spades and such), I would also have to have a trailer to go with the Prius or Corolla.

Not a Corolla--a Camry!!

I don't care about peppy, can it get me there in 3 feet of snow and can I haul straw, manure (bagged), shrubs, 2 large dogs (and 3 cat crriers), a refrigerator, or anything els of size in it?

It might do for some, but for me, I'd still need another vehicle half the time. When I don't need the room or extreme weather capabilities, a motorcycle does just fine.

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