November 12, 2007


The old VCR didn't die it just gave up on trying to keep up with all of Dudette's shows. Oh well it is resting comfortably in VCR heaven. Glad the new one finally got figured out. And if you need any more help with it I can call Amber's 4 year old daughter so she can help you.

You know what it was? The people doing the testing were able to take a model home and their 8 - 10 year olds kids set it up FOR THEM so that they could do the review! :D

Congratulations on finding a VCR at all. I didn't think they made them. After reading this tho perhaps I need to put mine (I've got 3 or 4 that I don't use) up on auction on Ebay -- might make some change!

While reading this I thought you were nuts - just get online and order a VCR. Then I went to J&R, who only had 8mm VCRs (3 of the 6 with built in 7" screens - who can actually see anything on a screen that small?). I thought maybe Amazon would give some choices, but they don't even list them as a catagory.

Guess I'm going to have to get busy recording all the tapes onto DVD so when the VCR craps out I cn still watch them!


What is this thing of which you speak?

LOL when ours crapped out we got a dvd/vcr combo from walmart for $15. It's 3 years old now and still going strong.

I got a pair of VCRs refurbished at a little joint on the corner of Washington and Hillside. Good service. We don't use our VCRs for time-shifting anymore though - we got a DVR from the cable tyranny, and it works much better.

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