September 18, 2007


The neighbor across the street has been going thru shoulder issues for the last 5 months (two surgeries, rehab - still out of work). He also went thru the same pain management thing - he would take the meds after he needed them, not before. Was told the same thing - take the meds on schedule - after he learned that, he did much better.

That has got to suck majorly. NOt bad enough you have pain, but then you have the nightmare and cause yourself more pain in your sleep. Hope it settles down soon for you!

I am doing better. But it is a bit weird having to stay AHEAD of the curve. Most times in the past it was always "as needed" to control the pain. First time it calls for a pre-emptive strike.
I am working through it better now though.

I totally understand the pain/pride/drugs issue, and I empathize greatly with what you have going on. You were kind and thoughtful enough not to pity me on my blog when I 'purged', so I will happily extend the same courtesy and simply wish you a fast and complete recovery. But, for whatever it's worth, your sharing of what you're going through has helped me. Thank you.

I'm sorry but you are going to get sympathy from me. I have chronic pain and I'm on rx meds - the strongest possible without going to narcs. On the 1-10 pain scale (with 10 being time for suicide) some weeks are about a 8 1/2 or 9. A good week is when I average a 3 or 4. So I can totally relate to the hate-to-take meds concept, and tell you that you must take them WITHOUT FAIL. The consequenses are not worth it. Screw pride and macho-man attitude. Be a whimp, feel sorry for yourself and TAKE CARE!!!!

Now that that is out, hope you feel better REAL soon.

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