December 09, 2006


Oh, oh. I'm getting the same warning. Can't tell you how happy I am that you're testing the waters first! Better run to the web site and see what my options are - mail takes 2+ weeks to reach us!

Hmm, I didn't know about Werks. I just don't pay that much attention - as long as it has antivirus and a nominal firewall, I'm happy (I have a hardware firewall too). Other than that, I don't need any other capabilities.

Anyway, last time I tried Werks, it screwed everything up so badly that I uninstalled it!

Hmmmm...for years, now, I've been using the Werks package that included the anti-virus; but, have not used the anti-virus part of it. I've been getting updates of the Werks parts that I do use without having to pay the annual fee that has been charged for the anti-virus. (I use PC-c..... as my anti-virus, because The Little Airplane Company provided it to me for free. And they really, really wanted me to use it since I had access to their servers, from home.)

Monday, after visiting the fitness center, I went to Elegant Friend's home to get her Nertin updated. She had purchased the two packages, but couldn't get them to install. It turned out that her big problem was that she didn't know how to uninstall the old softwares. So, I uninstalled two sets of old Nertin software (don't know why she had the 2nd, but I didn't do it!), downloaded the Werks package (which, from what you write is a good thing--but--which just seemed logical to me...you know I never read instructions!) Then I installed and updated the Werks. Did the same with the anti-virus--downloaded, installed, updated--and started a virus scan, running in the background. Just before I left, I used Werks to find and fix about 400 "problems" (one that it couldn't fix, I told it to ignore because it involved an internet provider that she no longer uses) and started defragging the hard drive. We got a clean installation and use in about 1.5 hours. I didn't think that too bad. (BTW: She had been operating without anti-virus update protection for a week or two before I got around to "helping".)

Cop Car:
1.5 hours isn't too bad, considering what you had to do.

Now the Nertin will keep working despite being expired, it just won't allow you to update the detection files. As long as nothing new and UGLY comes along, you should be relatively safe for a short period of time.

Must be the big city thing. The part I was missing from the old one I felt I needed was an itrusion detector. I have had it pop-up and let me know it blocked an "unauthorized attempt" toward my machine on more than one occassion. That is why I decided I wanted to keep it.
In a smaller community, that may be a waste of resources. But I feel more comfy with it here.

After looking at my Nertons IS, I find that I have intrusion detection, ad blocking, spyware protection and a whole bunch of other stuff - it seems the only thing I lost was Parental Control (which is oh-so not important to me). It also doesn't recover lost files but I never cared if it had that ability or not.

I also don't run wireless - so that is something else I don't have to worry about.

WD--Yes, I should have clarified that it was at my recommendation that EF continued to operate without the update. In her case, particularly, I felt the risk minimal--not only because the older virus definitions would still be operational but because, other than email capability, about the only things that are used on her machine are the games--by her grandkids, of course. She didn't have much to lose if I had to wipe and load her hard drive!

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