April 24, 2006


I might discover it a year or two later. Good for Dudette!

My offer may have seemed cute but maybe you don't realize something....My net worth is less than $100. It was the thought that counts right?!?!

When that is all you have, and you are willing to part with it, that counts for a LOT.

Crazy kid. Still gotta love ya.

I would notice it at the next statement (or the next time one of us couldn't get our allowance out of the ATM. I probably look at my Rollover IRA performance more than the bank accoun - maybe I should change that!

OMG ~ what drama.

This recently happened to a friend of mine. She refuses to buy anything online and she is super anal and diligent. And through a 3rd party her info was gotten. What a pain.

I'm knocking on wood, I buy tons online and with my debit card. Yikes!

Our (Wichita bank) credit card was hit last week too. The weird thing is that it is our backup card, we haven't used it in 6+ months. No clue how it was compromised.

Same here Owen, no clue. I wonder if any of us will ever get told what exactly happened.

Good God, what an awful experience! You're really lucky Dudette is on top of things. Like Bogie or Cop Car, I'd find out when I got the overdraft notices from the bank. I guess I'm going to have to check in to setting up an on line account with the bank.

There have been several scares in the past year, where thousands of accounts were compromised because a company's security wasn't up to snuff. It seems to me that the police should be obligated to tell you how your accounts were hijacked. How can you protect yourself if you don't know where the attacks are coming from??

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