March 13, 2006


I resemble that "...driving like a granny, doing 55 in a 70." buster! (Besides, driving 55 will lower our dependence upon the mid-east for oil. Wasn't that something our prez said we should do?) Wanna race?

Have Dudette take you to see the Eisenhower memorial (across the street from the museum). She may recall having attended its dedication with her Campfire group.

I hate it when Cop Car is right. I'd rather be driving 65 than 55, but I'd sure like to be free of imported oil.

That Supor Store wouldn't have had a lady's name that started with "P" did it?? I have to agree with you about the advertising. The church is just calling attention to the billboard. We're getting ready for a primary and I'm not likely to vote for anyone who smears the other candidates. I'd rather hear why I should be voting for the candidate who is paying for the ad. I'd say these billboards work the same way. I hope that comparison makes sense....I'm not completely sure it does.

Cruise control: one of the pleasures in life like attached garages and an ice maker in your freezer, and Insinkerators. The list is getting endless these days.

Indeed, the list is long...and GOOD.
No, the billboard says "Adolt Supor Store" (of course, they spell everything right unlike me).

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