March 08, 2006


Yes, I have priced color cartridges, lately; but, I can't find one for HH's printer at any price. He has Uncle M's old one (or maybe it belonged to one of his kids?) Buffy had the excellent idea that I could have the quilt pieces that I wanted printed done at a commercial copy place. How smart is that?! And, I'm certain that it'll be less trouble than messing around with HH's printer.

I hadn't thought of that. Cool idea. GO!! Buffy.

Darn! I didn't know that - and what's worse is that I hoard my ink refills because the store so rarely has them in! Guess I'll be checking "sell by" dates this weekend. Learn something new everyday. Thanks!

glad i didnt drink the last lot then.

I didn't know that ink has sell-by dates either. Of course since I break printers at a faster pace than I blow up computers, any ink I get doesn't have a chance to go bad!

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