March 20, 2006


Nice posting, WD, and I'm really happy that you found it within yourself to appreciate our outing. To your readers who are quilters, I want you to know how much I lucked out: there was a Jenny Beyer-designed quilt hanging on a wall that just knocked us all out. And, it is available as a kit. The only reason we didn't drag a kit home with us was that the colors were blues, greens, and purples. Everyone in our crew loved the purples and blues; but we are, none of us, fans of greens.

Among the bolts were many fabrics that I hadn't previously seen, having been away from the store since just before Thanksgiving. CK (AKA Wonderful Granddaughter) and Dudette spotted a wonderful Hoffman screen-printed fabric in purples with butterflies and other flying critters (of the bug variety). We brought four yards of Flights of Fancy, C526 home with us.

I'll hand it to our local quilting shop (Sunflower Quilts in Derby KS): no other store that I've been within has the space to display so many quilts/quilt tops on their walls, nor do others have the high ratio of window area to floor area that this shop has. It's marvelous to shop in a place where I can easily move among the shelves of bolts and actually see the fabric when I pull it out.

The guys (Chew and HH) set you up. I heard Chew talking to HH setting the whole thing up. Chew said he would help HH create a diseaster and Chew went out of town on work. They threw you under the bus. But the joke is on them. Had they been here that night they could have gone to the quilt shop with us. Now they have missed out on everything.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the product of the Wichita public school system. Sorry for the misspelling. Disaster

My tax dollars at "work". Hmmm, they must have been laid off during her education.

I always blame misspellings on my fingers being faster than my brains (which is not a reall ringing endorsement of my endocranial endowment!).

CK--Tell Chew (and I shall tell HH) to cut it out. We'll never know if they had the stuff in them to do as WD did--enjoy to the extent possible. BTW: I cannot spell, either--not "either", but "Jenny" should read "Jinny". Her parents were individualists--much as HH was when he spelled your mother's name for the beureau of vital statistics.

WD--Errr...education begins at home. (It's a wonder anyone in our family can spell...or speak...or....since our family line went through me!)

Bogie--Is "endocranial" related to my being uncoordinated? If so, I'll plead guilty--for myself and for passing it along to you! Think I got it from my dad; but, then, he's handy for me to blame things on having been dead for nearly 20 years, now. What I can't blame on Dad, I blame on Hunky Husband. Why else marry?

I've blamed WS for so many things he just now looks at me and says, "It's my fault, I don't know how, but it must be."

Takes all the fun out of it, he does!

CC - Chew has always wondered where I got my "justification" gene from. Now I know. . .Grandma! See?!?! It is not my fault.
Bogie - Chew does that too. After less than 1 year of being married, he automatically knows it is his fault. He never knows HOW it is his fault but he knows.

Well, if 13 years of our being apart taught Hunky Husband anything, it was that everything is his fault! *snickering*

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