December 19, 2005


thats beautiful. iremember that. the last thing isaid to bill was i love you. hedidnt reply just smiled.

You are so spoiled - Dudette making your lunch. Just don't tell WS, he might get ideas (and immediately get them slapped down).

Bogie, I didn't ask for it. But feel free to slap WS whenever you feel like it.
I'm sure once a routine is established, we will return to our regularly scheduled happiness.

How can you advocate spousal abuse, WD? Just lose a little sleep and you get really goofy. Love ya. *smirky grin*

It's not MY spouse. And, it sounded like she was already wound up to go anyway. (All she needs is a push...)

No, No, No, I was slapping down the ideas (you know, the little lightbulbs that appear over people's heads) - Not WS himself.

I love the "Love you, bye" rul!. We have it in our household too, always have/always will. Hope you are adjusting to the new shift and can enjoy the holidays!

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