November 24, 2005


In my previous comment, one of the friends who attended the concert is just one or two years younger than I. I was surprised at people of my generation wanting to go. MHSR isn't a group that I could identify nor could I name one song that they made popular. Obviously, someone else was paying more attention than I was. (When one of the friends named a number that had been performed at the concert, though, I did recognize the number.)

Hunky Husband has no problem locating his parked car; but, if we leave a highway for gasoline or food, I must tell him how to get back to traveling in the correct direction. (What does he do when he is alone?) Each of us has his/her directional challenge, I guess.

He does have a GPS, right? Probably uses that when alone, but won't tell anyone.
Glad you help him out though. Hate for him to get lost. Wouldn't look good for a navigator to get lost.

While reading CC's comment, I began to ask myself if my memory of HH being a navigator was correct. Thanks WD for letting me know that I'm not losing my mind!

Good for CK and Dudette for doing a good deed. That place is huge and the times I went I was glad that WS was with me (he can find anything).

I'm glad that at the Verizon Wireless Arena (much smaller), we always use the parking garage - just head out of any of the 3 exits in the front, cross diagonally across the street and remember which floor your vehicle is on. Even the parking garage is pretty small, 6 or 8 rows per floor, so it's pretty hard to mis-place your vehicle.

The comment that I had was so long that I put it on my own blog rather than taking up so much space on yours, WD.

We have some parking lots like that in our area. I'm the one who writes the car's location down, because I don't want to have to be hiking the lots looking for it!

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