October 13, 2005


Your dentist gives you nitrous when he puts in crowns? All we get is a bill!

At least that idiot driver was ingenous and pulled an original stunt!

Not having ever taken N2O, I can't share the feeling; but, like Bogie, I'm surprised that Liz or Ben offered you anything for installing crowns. Crown installation is, generally, a non-event. Have you ever bitten them?

It isn't the installation that wires me up. It is the removal of the temps that does me in. Usually it feels like they are extracting the tooth instead of trying to pull off the plastic ones. And the fit was so good, they had to check to make sure Liz used the temp glue to put them on. They didn't WANT to come off.

Yeah, they used a hub puller on a couple of my temporaries, so I understand the fit.

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