September 24, 2005


Hunky Husband has been doing the Sudoku puzzles from the London Times ever since Val gave the link on her Moment after Moment blog http://momentaftermoment.blogspot.com/2005/08/su-doku.html on August 2, 2005. It only took one puzzle to hook HH. I haven't tried them. They just don't look that interesting to me (or, maybe I'm just too lazy!) I'm sure that HH will be happy to find another source. We both suggested that the Beagle start publishing them, a few weeks ago when they were polling their readers.

Thanks for sharing...

.... now I'm hooked.


...please do NOT do this again...there is two hours I'm not getting back sometime soon :^)...

Sorry folks. Some people get addicted to these. I personally can't seem to get into them. I live for the "Jumble" though. Irritates Dudette cause I usually do them without writing the stuff down.
Picked that up from my dad and an old supervisor I had. Both loved to do them and we would race.

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