June 02, 2005


I've always taken advantage of direct deposit, for all the reasons you mention. WS has never had the choice to do so which can throw things off-kilter if he forgets and leaves his check at work or leaves them in his pants' pocket so it gets washed. Fortunately, we aren't like most people we seem to know, who live paycheck to paycheck, so things like that are an inconvenience, not a disaster.

I just work for fun anyway! yeah right!!!! Mine is DD also and I really like it being that way.

I have DD also and can't understand why some people are scared of it.

I have never had DD before but at my new job I will and I am SO excited because I won't have to guess when my money is there - I WILL KNOW! My first one will be next week and I am glad because you know what - on that day I will NOT have to run all over the world and waste my lunch break depositing my check! Yeah - just doesn't make since why people don't use them. Alot of banks have incentives for have a check direct deposited in your account.

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