March 27, 2005


New Hampshire recognizes the Living Will as a legal document. Doctor's are required to follow the instructions in a LW, and if the instructions go against their beliefs, they are legally obligated to turn the case over to a doctor who can do what is neccessary.

My sympathies are with Bogie 100%; however (and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone knows this), legal requirements are frequently flouted. As the Wall Street Journal reported a few days ago [Health Journal/by Andrea Petersen and Rachel Emma Silverman], "...some recent research shows that doctors won't follow [living wills] to the letter. For example, in a study published last year in the Archives of Internal Medicine, doctors were asked to consider six hypothetical medical cases. Overall, 65% of the decisions the doctors made were contrary to patients' advance directives."

Ditto to what Cop Car said.

Even with a LW and a DNR order in some cases Dr's don't always follow instructions.

As important as it is to have yor paperwork in order, it seems that it's just as important to have an advocate there in your doctors face reminding them what they are supposed to be doing.

Been there, done that, it's a pain in the ass.

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