November 03, 2004


I voted for Nader in 2000. :-D

I'm a pacifist hippie at heart.

I didn't realize that Paulson was running this time! In my 44 years of voting in presidential elections I've voted for at least one person from about five or six different parties--which means that I've only supported two presidential candidates who have actually won (what a record!) Thus, I nearly always get to whine. It's obvious that, in most elections, my logic just doesn't match that of the majority. My usual registration is as an Independent; but, I've at times been registered as a Republican and at times been registered as a Democrat so that I could participate in primary elections.
This year at the polls was a little different for me. I am accustomed to either being the only voter there, or to standing in line for an hour--depending upon how early I arrived at the polls on my way to work. As I went in the middle of the day, this time, and as they had six machines (usually two to four machines), the wait was about 10 minutes. Not bad!

I voted Nader only because I didn't want the over privledged, millionare, ivy-leaguer who is out of touch with America to win. Or the other one exactly like him.

Actually, Paulson is dead. And that is what I thought might give him the upper hand. Though, a lot of people think that of Nader...being dead that is.

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