November 01, 2004


I don't even use the speakers for my computer, I kinda doubt I would use a camera (not to mention that no one is there to talk to at 4:30 in the morning).

I understand. I wondered what I would do with it myself, but I figure if a couple of other bloggers are hooked up, at least it would be worth the try. I know a couple that are already hooked up, so when the time comes, we are going to give it a whirl.
I think as time goes by, more poeple may eventually join in. Who knows?

I just can't tell you how much I love it. It just gives you a bit more "dimension" to your IM conversations. It's fun to chat via IM, but it's even better when you can see and hear who you are speaking to.

...I've replied to your email - I hope :^)...my problem is that I hardly use im or msn or irc or the telephone never mind the thought of using a "video phone" :^)...

...as it is I tend to get my butler to type the entries in my blog and I talk to him via two cans and a piece of string :^)...

"String"? Do they still make that stuff? And what are you doing with "two cans"? Don't you recycle?
Next, you'll be telling me you live in Ingerland.

I happen to have the webcam hooked up...why haven't you ever asked to IM with me?

Fine. I'm not hurt. No, not me.

Da Goddess--Dudette threated WD--LOL!

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