September 02, 2004


Haven't gotten to see either band, but if either ever actually comes to the Verizon Center I'll remember who to plunk money down on!

What's wrong with good looking guys? Sounds OK to me! Glad that you had a good show. I'm assuming that Dudette did not attend with you, but she was pretty nice to see that you got to go. Were the drummers as good as Gene Krupa? (I know, my age is showing.)

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich were in a league of their own. They performed using very small drum kits (by todays standards) and put on performances designed for a small kit. I wish they had the chance to "WOW" us with the equipment of today. Todays (good) drummers fit into the catagory of "percussionists". So it would be like comparing apples to oranges.
Still, the old guys on the newer equipment...I'd pay to see that show as well. Makes one dream.

I was going to buy tickets for Andy as a present, but ugh 75 bucks!??! I hate Metallica after the whole napster thing, and I wasnt about to put that money into their money grubbin pockets, so I went online and downloaded songs instead LOL I have seen them 4 times in the past before they went all crazy on kids. Im not surprised that godsmack killed them, they are a much stronger band than metallica

I saw the godsmack/metallica show when they were here in Los Angeles, and while I have always like Metallica I was really going for the Godsmack show, because I *LOVE* them.

Our show was pretty much the same, Godsmack was awesome, Metallica was just like every other time I'd seen them (average).

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Godsmack SO rends the heavens.
Glad you had a good time!

Indeed. I talked to some that went to the show and they had just the oposite opinion from mine. I guess they were somewhere that the speakers worked cause I couldn't make out an intelligible word out of about 20 being screamed by Metallica. Yes they were VERY energetic compared to Godsmack, but Godsmack (aside from a cluttered stage--all the other equipment was on stage with them) was so CLEAN and CLEAR. And in my opinion, they made much better "personal" connections with the crowd.

...you've seen adam and the ants???...please tell me it was before the *prince charming/highwayman* era :^)...

Nope, full Revolutionary War regalia. Quite spiffy on him (for the time).

...you were *so* close to gaining a 47 street-cred points and then ya went and blew it :^)...

...dirk wears white socks...

Hey, he looked silly then. Imagine what he would be looked at now.

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