September 15, 2004


If the book store had a shower and a kitchenette, I would pay them rent and move in. ;-)

I love to roam about book stores and, as you well know, Hunky Husband is an addict; but, I gotta tell you that public libraries are a darned sight cheaper! Of course, as you also well know, I don't keep most books that I buy, but pass them on to friends and relatives. Better the books that I've read should clutter up someone else's bookcases. Now, if I could just convince HH that he should get rid of one or two of his three million books--LOL!

People lost me in Borders. Hell, what I am I thinking? People lost me in WALDENBOOKS at the mall and it's a VERY small store... I guess I switch from side to side too fast when looking for something in particular.

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