September 10, 2004


Nah, we didn't learn a thing from WWII, or Korea, or Viet Nam, or Iraq. Instead of "Make love not war." perhaps our new anthem should be "Make love not hate." With you all the way on this one, Son.

Here is the thing that I've never been able to understand. Aren't you supposed to leave the judging and condemnation up to God (or whomever)and just love everyone?

Folks need to get in touch with the "love thy neighbor" vibe.

What do I know? I've always been a heathen at heart.

Hon, I'm thoroughly confused, but I think I got the important point, and that is, that this group who call themselves "Christians" need to study the Good Book a bit more.

For many years, I've been concerned about people who "religiously" attend services on Sunday, but compartmentalize Christian behavior. They give lip service to their beliefs, but don't follow through on them. This group is behaving even worse, by twisting Christianity to suit their needs and wishes, and that's incredibly evil.

I think Heather had it right about needing to get in touch with "Love Thy Neighbor." And, if I had my way, we would make sure that the Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.), was the rule enforced at schools, and home. Maybe then, we wouldn't have this pseudo "Christianity" or religion.

The way I see it, throughout human history, religion has always been a double-sided coin. Heads you get love, tails you get hate. It's unfortunate, but true, in my opinion.

...some people have a lot of hate inside them, this is fair enough - what I find obscure (and presumably you do too) is that people like to vent this hate via their religion...all religions are based on love and acceptance - not death, killing, hatred and exclusion...and yet, and yet...nope, soz there wichi - no answers here :^(...

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