May 10, 2004


I was thinking that you were lucky that you actually got instructions included. I don't know how many digital cameras and scanners I have figured out because there was no documentation (either it wasn't included or the item in question was old and the documentation was lost).

I think that Dudette and I will be in that "special place" together!

We gals will be sitting in that special place drinking our tea while the guys are still on page 42 of the manual! (Manual? Those things come with manuals?) Mostly, these days, they just give us a website address and say, "Go look."

Yeah, I've done my time with the, "manual? This had a manual?" type of equipment before. Old and new.
And as far as the "go look" aspect, the book has some of that also. No kidding. On almost any page, there are references to at least 5 other pages/"getting started" software/web sites/ or other support areas. Example from the book, no lie, on page 32, "Reviewing the video just taken", there are three instructions. One has "see page 55", the next has "see page 47" and the last has "see page 52". Three references for three instructions.
That is unreal. Every single page is like that.

Where'd you go? Hope the camera is great for ya!

The FIRST thing my photography teacher told me was "throw away the camera manual." If you need a reference, there are usually books out there that are better.

Then again, he dressed up in very scary drag to illustrate the idea of cross-processing, so take it with a grain of salt.

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