January 15, 2004


You and me both!

By the way, expect your hit rate to go down anyway. The hitcounter supplied with Typepad, counts every page hit - which includes when people go to leave a comment. So, if someone goes to your home page, then leaves a comment, it counts as two hits. Then when they go back to the main page, it counts as a 3rd hit etc.

Sitemeter only records individual hits - when a computer visits your site, it counts as one hit no matter how many pages the user looks at.

My Typepad counter says I have over 22,000 hits - but my Sitemeter shows just under 15,000 (and that includes the 5,000 or so hits on my previous BlogSpot blog).

I've noticed the rapidly increasing gap between the two. But that is OK, I'd rather get a truer count anyhoo. That is part of the reason I finaly decided to put it on.

WichiDude, go explain to Mike, at Tongue Oil ( http://www.redeaglespirit.com/midnight/) that he should consider a Site Meter for his brand new blog. Maybe if he hears it from more than one person he will ask T to add one to his site.

Congrats on all the visits!

Thanks. Every little bit counts. And I bugged Midnight Oil also.

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