December 01, 2003


Add "until the end of time" to that, and you've made a quantum leap in understanding the opposite sex (no matter what gender you happen to be). Geeze, I guess I should explain that "you" includes everyone, not just WD - I know what gender he is, and I don't think he is confused on that issue either (and I know what type of smart-alecky remarks that would lead to if I didn't explain!).

That would make an excellent addition to the phrase. Now let's wait to hear from billy.

There are a lot of caveats that I could make concerning marriage; but, with HH, there is no need for me to have a Miranda warning. Bless his heart, HH has virtually never held my words against me. (The obvious theory is that he doesn't hear to my words in the first place; but, even when he does hear, my words don't get held against me!) That is one of his many virtues that I've discovered in the years since we first met in 1956. (And wasn't that meeting a good thing. Without that meeting Wichi Dude and WS would have other (less superior) women for wives.

...over here in england we have a different marriage ceremony...according to carolyn (and you must remember I cried through most of my wedding and so missed the important parts) we agreed to support each other - except when I was drunk in which case she could leave me in the gutter I had fallen into...to listen to each other - except for when I talked...to trust each other - but telling me her pin number was just plain stupid...to accept each other's point of view - or whatever carolyn told me was her point of view...the key thing I have learned from marriage is based on the works of george orwell - in 1984 he said that whoever controls the present controls the past...I would like to say, whoever controls the sex controls the past, present and future...I would also like to add, whoever controls the sex really ought to want it a bit more :^)...
...apart from that - who is miranda? and any chance she might want to have sex with me :^)...

Most of that stuff transfers nicely across the pond. Um...I don't think you would like Miranda, she seems to have found a nice place in the police officers back pocket. She's finicky that way.

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