December 12, 2003


That ice sure is a headache for traffic!

At least now Cop Car should be able to have snow ice cream!

Indeed. Dudette and CK woke me up Sat. morning talking about how I would miss out on the snow ice cream if I didn't get up.

Of course, we had NO intention of sharing our snow ice cream with him. But we sure did have fun giving him a hard time!!

As always.

Poor WD, a house full of women and no way out. LOL

I think that I had 3 bowls of ice cream, yesterday. You can't imagine how upset I was to learn that Wichita didn't get much snow each year. When we arrived, it was snowing and it ended with about 14 inches on the ground that stuck around for a couple or four weeks. You should have seen HH and me trudging about in the snow trying to find a hotel that was near the train station into which we had ridden. It turned out that there were no nearby hotels, but the falling snow obscured the view so that we had no idea. We finally got a taxi (with our borrowed pennies) to take us to a hotel at 1st and Broadway (or there abouts--the Lassen?). Think that was my first stay at a real hotel--and my introduction to Roller Derby! And, of course, Dudette was "on the way"--in about 3 months.

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