December 24, 2003


It was a very scary thing to go through. I am thankful for your great slide recovery driving, CK and Chew coming to pick us up, and all the great responses from our friends and loved ones.

I agree, I didn't lose you and you didn't lose me. All in all it was a great day!

Thinking about that accident always reminds me how very much I love you. I may give you a hard time about some very unimportant stuff, but you are still the best husband around!

She's contractualy obligated to say that. But I love her too.

That was one scary afternoon, getting the call on the cell phone saying you guys had been in an accident. We were extremely gratefull that you guys came out of it alive, much less barely scathed!

We were happy to have had you guys here. I think it helped having the company around to keep our minds occupied. Let's not do THAT again any time soon. I can't afford another truck. LOL

Our whole family felt ever-so-lucky that day. I believe that it was on the same day that "For Better or Worse" ran a four-panel cartoon capping a series that had run about a college girl's tribulations getting home for Christmas through the snows (in Canada).
Panel 1: Worried mom is surprised and greets daughter who is coming in through the front door. Daughter says, "I hoped to be here earlier, but we were held up."
Panel 2: Daughter says, "I got a ride with some friends. The weather was awful. There was a whiteout. We couldn't see a thing, so we pulled off of the highway and waited."
Panel 3: "Later, we saw two accidents and cars in the ditch. Police were everywhere with flashing lights--it was pretty scary, but we got home safely!"
Panel 4: The two are hugging. Daughter says, "Sorry I haven't been able to get you anything for Christmas yet." and Mom says, "That's OK. The best gift came today!"
WD and Dudette were the best gift that any of us got last Christmas.
(And it is a gift with staying power!)

...and the bestest thing is we wouldn't have *met* :^)...
...although (could I just mention) dudette - I am luvverly :^)...
...anything you can walk away from is a good moment - glad you walked away from it...

Thank you billy, we're glad also. I will have to put up pictures of the truck one of these days.

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