December 04, 2003


Well, it's partly right anyway - I'm definitely a clutz and not stealthy at all. I also tend to make people uneasy (keeps them off guard, works for me).

Hanging around people that are reluctant to get rid of anything - must be true because that sounds exactly like WS.

However, spying on people just isn't something I do - I don't care enough to bother spying!

...I once offered to explain to ms. bogie whatt the word means on this side of the 'pond'...we decided that I would keep it a secret (and agreed that I could also keep my testicles as well - which was nice)...

Ooooh! Now. You "could" send me an e-mail. She'd never know. Just our little secret.

Geeze, this is too easy. I could get Dudette to really hurt you. I wouldn't even have to get a hair out of place on this one (not that I ever have a hair in place, but well - you get the drift).

Prior to Bogie, a bogie in my experience referred to an enemy aircraft as in "Check six--bogie low!"

Now why would you want to hurt me. I didn't do anything. But I'll take Cop Car's advice, "Better check my six."

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