November 30, 2003


You haven't learned from my stories of Harry and his deleting stuff (read: files needed by the OS)? At least you didn't mess up as badly as he did!

Glad Sis could get you back up without too much trouble!

I am usually pretty good at watching out what I delete. The files in question were iconed and marked as relating to the program I uninstalled. Little did I know, or could see by looking at them, that they were threaded in with IE and the OS. This will still be an issue in the future cause those icons and files will still be floating around looking lost.

...not saying a word :^)...

billy, you'd better say something, or you'll pop. We know you better. LOL

...so, remind me - what's an 'on' button look like :^)...

I knew you couldn't resist. I would have to show you billy. The button is different on different boxes.

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