November 12, 2003


That's a hell of a question - I could make a great case for either option. My first reaction (while I was reading the sentence), was to let it flow. Then, while I was finishing the sentence, I thought that putting in nutty snippets was the way to go.

Good thing I'm not in charge of this thing; I would probably change my mind every minute or so!

It is a bit of a tricky situation. I myself like the snippets, it causes me to think around the given line, rather than through it. Through is OK, but it is fun to have to jog to the left, then back to the right. You have to build around them.
Like I said, I was just airing out my brain and wanted to let people know where it was at. Still, feedback is appreciated.

When I send you those postcards, I'm sending you a book as well. I think you'd appreciate it....

Would this book by any chance have pictures and pop-up characters in it? I like those. Quick to read, no brain power involved. Did I mention I like those?
OK! Now I wait expectantly. I love a good mystery.

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