November 02, 2003


...do you know, I think I honestly didn't understand any of that :^)...oh, don't get upset I'm sure what you wrote is fine but I think you lost me in the title with the word "router"...from there on in I was lost...however, I have gathered one piece of information - it's a pain in the @ss...so if I'm ever asked to do it I'll just say no :^)...

Router - a tool used for making nice edges on unfinished wood. Does that help Billy? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

...so - unfinished wood...is that like a tree that hasn't grown up fully :^P...and I still think it's a porn channel - all this password/firmware/ipconfig stuff :^)...

There are days you two are incorrigible. Though I did like the idea of trees that weren't full grown yet.
If it were a porn site billy, it would be "password/firmware/ipconfig.come". I don't think there is one at that address, so feel free to start one if that does it for you.

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