November 15, 2003


So, what brand did you get?

i have long since given up on cordless phones...they seem to find a way to hide from me right before they are to be juiced up...usually it's a blessing in disguise...though others tend to disagree...

I need to get one of those new cordless ones that comes with two others....you know, the kind that look like cell phones. See, our phone jack downstairs doesn't work...and we can't hear the phone ringing when it's upstairs, which means I could be called and given the option of having a day off from work and I'd never know it because I couldn't hear the phone ringing. Why don't I just carry the cordless downstairs? Because I always drop the stupid thing and make the batteries fall out, break the antenna, or accidentally slam it into the wall as I'm walking (okay, okay! I'm NOT graceful!)

At one point in my life, I went through 6 cordless phones in a single year.

"I could be called and given the option of having a day off from work" - yeah, like that is going to happen. They'll be calling you to come in for an extra shift more likely!

Day off or extra shift, either way. This phone allows up to 6 extra remote handsets. (we have one extra, for the basement) As for the charged battery thing, the spare battery you can buy for the base unit, stays charged until you need it, and/or it will keep the base powered up in case of power outage.

I'm with Bogie, they would probably call for giving an extra shift ON, not OFF.

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