November 09, 2003


Hey, you can't complain too much, you get a week off right?

Glad to see that you put that strikeout to such good use!

I couldn't resist. It just seemed SO right to do that. But, I am going to change it a little

Oh. I did forget to mention, that is an "unpaid" week off. For "inventory adjustment".

That little omission does put a whole different light on the subject!

In one company (that shall be unnamed), it is cheaper to run overtime rather than hire more people as long as the overtime is less than about 75%. Of course, people tend to keel over after a few weeks of working 70 hours per week. The point is: it is cheaper to work people to death since the cost of their benefits are constant regardless of how many hours they work. Pretty cynical of companies to do this but it is done in the interest of remaining "competetive". It will ever be thus as long as we don't either "buy USA" or buy only those products made by people, wherever they may be, who are paid decent wages and who work in what we consider to be decent conditions. It IS cheaper, after all, to pay people 12 cents per hour! (And I DO look for USA on hang tags since I don't really know what they mean when they say "Made in America". That could be an artifice to hide an origin in South America, for all I know!

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