November 06, 2003


Couldn't agree with you more! I have worked with people that were here legally and finally became naturalized. These people put in a lot of hard work, taking classes to become proficient in English and to be able to pass the test for citizenship. They also held down jobs AND paid taxes.

Now people want to give drivers licenses (which are a privilage NOT a right) to people that can't even follow the laws (as denoted by the works illegal aliens - that undocumented workers stuff is crap).

I like your idea of rounding them up and sending them on their way!

Let's not be too misleading here, WichiDude. I don't know about your family (elder brother is awaiting any info you want put into the family tree that he has built), but Dudette is 1/4 second-generation, 1/4 third-generation, and 1/2 about ninth-generation (the Mason-Dixon line having been named after one of her progenetors.) I agree that those who are here illegally should not receive driver's licenses or in-state tuition (and you might do some good by sending your posting to the governor); but, it IS thought provoking to consider the people who were smuggled in as tiny babies or small children. I don't usually support penalizing a child for what his/her mother/father did, so I'm conflicted on this part of the issue.

Sorry about the goof on generations. As far as the children go, if the parents are still alive and get sent back, the kids go to. If the kids are born here, that raises a whole 'nother issue, but only a small one.
I have nothing against people wanting to become Americans, more power to them. But you have to do it properly. There are many channels open to do this with.
Sneaking in and wanting, or being offered/given a free pass is what I'm against.

By law, any child born here is a U.S. citizen, regardless of their parents' status. I am strickly addressing those who came with their parents. Obviously, if the parents are returned to their native country prior to the childrens' having reached a certain age, the children should be returned with them. If the children have been here long enough to be of high school age, the American way of life may be all that they know and I think that they may warrant special consideration. Let's face it, Dudette's 9th-generation progenetors may not have been given permanent residency by the Native Americans. I suspect that, while our countries of heritage may accept Dudette, they wouldn't be too thrilled about having to take me. Woe is me--an old lady without a country! Real life is in shades of grey. [The last sentence isn't original with me so you may use it without attribution to me. LOLLOL]

We agree totally on detaining and deporting an illegal who applies for a driver's license! I'm willing to give a hand up to anyone who arrives here legally, otherwise, send them back home!

I definately agree completely. I swear people think that everyone deserves the rights that I was born with.. I say no! I am just 27 but I definately believe that I have earned what is mine and I dont think that someone who probably doesnt even want the rights should get the rights. I also hate when illegals come over here start working and then their kid has some freakish disease or something that costs thousands and thousands of dollars and yet we treat their lame kid for absolutely free. I pay nearly 200.00 a month for benefits and I can guarentee they are nothing near that awesome of coverage. It just ceases to amaze me how easily we give things like that away with no payment back. I dont even understand how they can get away with coming here illegally and sending american dollars back to where ever they are from, that just seems all kinds of wrong to me.. bah what do I know

Kinsey--are we voting?

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