November 11, 2003


I've had this happen. I've gone to the point that at around 11:30 at
night I've gotten up and grabbed clothing out of the closet, then
proceeded to my daughter's bedroom to try and wake her up for school.
Then I ran to the living room, checked the clock.. and about died....
Didn't wake up again until the alarm went off!

WS can't seem to get a break. He hasn't had to work overtime this week, so he gets to sleep an extra hour (needs to be up at 5 instead of 4). Unfortunately, he wakes up when I get up (between 3 and 3:30). What makes it worse is the fact that he still does that when I'm working 3rd shift.

Ouch. I for one would take the extra sleep. one or two hours change really fouls things up. Same amount of sleep (most of the time) but still different for some reason.

We've been sleeping restlessly lately. I think part of it is giving in and letting the dog sleep on the floor of our bedroom. His small noises and the pet dander are bothering us. And he failed to recognize the concept of Day Light Savings, so when we switched back to Standard time, he missed the point and said he needed to go out for a quickie at 4:00 a.m.

All that and simply aging are working against getting a decent night's sleep. Luckily, the one kid who lives at home is the quiet one.

Oh, mine is quiet also. For a herd of stampeding buffalo.

What's this world coming too - when Buffy just has to let her dog have a "quickie"? Ya know, you can solve that problem by having him neutered? LOL

Was it "Timmy" or "Scotty" that said, "Come, Lassie" on TV and got away with it?

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