October 12, 2003


Glad it got there all in one piece!

It did indeed. Thanks again.

...big thanks to bogie :^)...[and thanks to ws for not trying it :^)]...once I realised that the beer was a 'one off' I realised that you would enjoy a 'limited edition' python bottle of beer...enjoy :^)...

What is a "one off"?

...they aren't doing it again as far as I can tell...they made "one batch" and that's your lot!!...we were fortunate that I stumbled across a selection...although now we've bought the entire amount they might decide to make some more...over here for christmas last year they produced a wine called "fat bastard"...it was so popular they have continued and expanded the line introducing a wine called "old git"...if you ever hold a "bring a bottle party" you end up with several of these left at the end :^)...

How cool, a speciality beer. I hope they run some more though. I believe the Python fans over here would buy it up if they exported it, or found a bottler over here.

What a great bottle.

BTW, it's nice to have found a "homeboy" in the blogosphere.

I'm still waiting for the pictures of WD opening the box!

For some reason, that roll of film is still in the camera. It's a 36 exposure roll and that picture was, like #3 on the roll. It should be used up soon and I promise to get it developed as soon as it is out of the camera. I hate keeping everyone waiting.
I'll have to get a digital one of these days to make it easier to post "current" pics. First though, I need to replace this boat anchor of a PC.

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