October 07, 2003


All right, here are some additions:

A polishing machine that goes beserk and never shuts down at the end of its timed cycle, it just keeps going around and around (you can decide what type of polishing machine it is).

90 days until ISO deadline

What's right with this picture?

Looking forward to reading it!

...tramp the dirt down...
...it's pronounced "new-klear"...
...a stone...but a stone that belonged to my great grandfather...
...a copy of windows me that doesn't crash...

A glass hurricane, urn shaped with a glass foot, holding a ball shaped raspberry colored candle, waiting to be lighted.

Sometimes, I just don't know what I'm getting myself into.

Never happy are you? You complain because you haven't had many ideas given to you, then you complain when we supply ideas!

No complaint. Merely a compliment on everyones dedication to pushing the envelope for me. A challenge should always be met with some farcical commentary. (takes the edge off the nerves, you know.)

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