October 25, 2003


Don't remember the last time I got a thank you note from someone under the age of 30 (I think I am being generous with the age - it should probably be higher). I must admit, I usually send my thank-you's via email, but at least I do get them sent.

I know I'm as guilty as the rest of the world. That is why I took the time to praise the girls. It is an admirable trait and makes one aware of their own shortcomings. Myself included.

I'm occasionally bad about delays in writing my thank yous, but I get them done. My youngest sis is VERY good about teaching her daughters to write their thanks, so we are very careful to send them thank you notes when the chance arises. It's the one place where I adhere to old fashioned manners and hand write. Unfortunately, I'm at a keyboard so much these days you can barely read my hand writing, but I still make the effort.

One of my older sisters has assured me that it is NEVER too late to say "Thanks!" That reminds me....I have a note I have to write.....

You're welcome for that reminder. LOL

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