October 31, 2003


Jeeze, I saw a guy with a tank top and shorts on today - on a motorcycle! It was pretty warm (60's), so I could understand, except I would never wear shorts on a bike.

It's funny how people from different places percieve temperatures; 60's is cool for you and warm for us.

True. But when you're on the highway, 60 degrees and 70 mph, makes for a darn cold ride.

aren't you a lucky one. i would love to have some weather in the 60s. it's the first of nov. and i'm having to deal with 80 degree weather...hot as a mo-fo.

Um, highway what the heck is that?

Okay, fun is over - I have heard of highways, and even riden on 1 or 2. This guy was no where near a highway (we only have 2 in the state so most speed limits ar 40 or 50 MPH). Still, I would say it had to be a little chilly anyway.

Yeah, me too. Especially after I heard what the REAL temp was at that time of day.

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