September 28, 2003


Great job! Nice job setting up expectations and giving that slight twist at the end.

The gift at the end of a long read. You know me, I just had to throw somthing weird in, jsut to catch everyone off guard.

You need to include the phrase, "those aren't really salad tongs. That's a speculum."

Nice job, 'Dude! It takes talent to draw such diverse suggestions together. *S*

..wow!...several days later I finally read the story :^)...once I say the effort you had put into the work - I wanted to make sure I found a quiet momnet and tried to put as much effort into the reading...well done!...an excellent story - liked the way you capitalised FATHER...it threw me off track for a bit...and the twist at the end was a very clever 'yah-boo-sucks' to those of us who read with pre-concieved ideas :^)...I think I actually said out loud - "no! I think wichi's got confused here - has he totally mis-understood franklin" :^)...if in doubt always blame the author :^)...now, time to put my machiavellian mind to thinking of *even* worse non-sequiters :^)...

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