September 05, 2003


I have a hard time figuring that you had a hard time fitting in at first. You are so gregarious and seem to be able to talk to most anyone!

Well, I am and I am. But being social and able to talk to almost anyone doesn't make you any LESS edgy or paranoid. You get "taken" enough times, you learn ways to compensate. I'll have to do another post to explain with more detail.

Great post! My previous husband grew up in Wichita. He and his parents moved to central Illinois when he was in his mid-teens. His mother never adjusted to how "cold" those of us from Illinois are. She missed the friendliness of people saying "Hi!" as you walk down the street. I've lived in several parts of Illinois and what she was calling "cold" was down right puppy friendly compared to what you find in Chicago and the collar counties. In downtown Chicago you walk "tough" and don't make eye contact, and in the suburbs you are too busy driving around to be able to say "Hi!"

btw....I live in the "burbs." Where do I apply for my "boy toy???" *G*

Buffy - I have been trying to get that info from him as well! Hmmm...I guess there is no boy toy in the near future for me!

It has, admittedly, been a few years; but, back in the days when I traveled a lot people always warned me of how unfriendly people were in Location A, Location B.... To tell you the truth, the most unfriendly people that I ever met were at Ohare. However, the folks around Glen Ellen were super friendly (I ended up being escorted around the area until about 3:30 AM by a woman that I met in a bar--meeting two of her (married) boyfriends!) On the way to one of the boy friends's place of work (a bar in a hangar on some smallish airport), it occurred to me that I neither knew anyone within 100 miles nor had I any idea where I was or how to return to the hotel into which I had booked earlier that evening. But, all ended well. The people in Long Island NY (and some of the burroughs--I was never really sure where I was there, either; but, at least I was doing my own driving) did not live up to their reputations. Everyone treated me well and were friendly--even at LaGuardia. Other than the one experience of a few hours in Ohare, I can't remember ever being the victim of ill will from the local populace. People rock!

RUN !!!! The aliens got her again. RUN AWAY!!!!

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