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September 01, 2003


...I love 'the holy grail' but my fave *has* to be 'life of brian' :^)...

AH! You KNOW a messiah when you see one, also.

...he's *not* the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!! :^)...noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I refuse to start doing monty python sketches :^)...however, I did buy a bottle of beer a month ago for a friend, that might interest you :^)...it's called "MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY grALE" :^)...[except the "gr" is crossed out - but you don't have html active on here - does bogie know?...oooh, you is going to be in trouble :^)]

BTW. I will have to check on that beer.

I have HTML active on here. Bogie gave me grief about it a while back and I turned it on. But I will check.

Last I checked, the HTML was active (waiting to see if the italics takes hold). I gave Wichi Dude grief about it quite some time ago (like the second comment I made).

Myself, I never found Monty Python funny. I have now sunk very low in Billy's opinion of me, but he's still scared, so that's okay.

"Run away! Run away!" "What we need is the Holy Handgrenade."

...does that mean bogie is like the knights who say "ni"?...must go get "a shrubbery" to calm her :^)...oh, and it was the 'strikeout' function that didn't work :^)...

Apparently, that is one of the html's that doesn't work in "comments".

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