September 14, 2003


...but at least I know what "cup" they are talking about :^)...

Isn't that what you guys use to protect yourselves with?

No, No. That would be "thimble". Tea goes in the "cup". Or "coffee" if you're international.

...in england you 'protect' yourself with a box :^)...tea is drunk out of china, coffee out of a mug and we play football for the cup...not for a 'ring' :^)...

Call me Bri'ish. Thoroughly. Utterly. Completely.

Glad Billy is here to explain these things to us simple Americans!

The box I protect myself in, I can't wear out in public. My tea is from India and we drink it in America. Coffee is out of a pot. Football is for a ring. If you want a cup, go to Starbucks.
Dumb Americans indeed. LOL

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