September 13, 2003


She'll do great in nursing. I certainly couldn't do it!

Minor correction (I think), Wichi Dude. I don't believe that CK was yet in high school during most of her volunteer stint. She did great at the volunteering and she will be great as a geriatric nurse. (But then, MY GRANDDAUGHTER is just plane GREAT!!!

...if it is something she wants to do then I wish her the best..it is rare that we get the chance to do what we want (and we have the ability to do it) so she should try to follow her dream through...I do like her dad's support and encouragement "Don't know, but it is her decision." :^)...good for you - letting her make her decisions and supporting her in them :^)...good luck ck :^)...

Thank you, thank you. I will pass along the supportive words to CK. I am supportive, but I also have an idea of the field, it takes a SPECIAL person to be a nurse, and more so for geriatrics. It is as stressful or more so than, say, natal or neonatal. Professional life expectancy is usually less than five years. It will wear, and beat, you down if you're not the right person.

My oldest sister just retired from a career as a geriatric nurse. There are those of us who simply have the connection, or empathy or temperment to work with older people, and I applaud them. If CK chooses this as her field she will ALWAYS have employment.

If she wishes to make a career change later, what she learns about human nature as a nurse will stand her in good stead. So will the air of authority that will develop over time.

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