September 20, 2003


Okay, hand over the bong man. ;)

Count me in.

Thanks for the invite, but I'm not really creative enough to participate in this sort of endevour at the best of times - and especially not when I'm on 3rd shift (which I'm on again this week).

...I'll join in - though I'm not sure what I'm doing...personally I think bogie could just come up with a list of people who annoy her and you could manage for them to die in ironic ways...you know, like the new neighbours being electrocuted by their security system :^)...

Sorry.....I'm a little confused. Are we supposed to feed you suggestions....or paragraphs? And are you setting a subject...or letting us go off the deep end? This is a wicked month coming up for me....but I'd like to be included, whatever we are doing. Nag bogie to participate. She undervalues herself...and I know she could write some funny things!

...changed my mind about bogie's involvement :^)...the first set of people she will try to rid the world of is monty python lovers...I can already see *my* ending...whilst walking past 'chiropodists-r-us' the huge 20 foot foot (that is a plaster of paris foot that is 20 feet high - not a typo) will fall on my head - crushing me...just like the opening credits :^)...she's evil that bogie :^)...

I have no clue what it is I'm supposed to do, but that's never stopped me yet. Count me in on the... er... whatever this is.

cialis---see ya! YOU'RE DELETED!! Spammers suck.

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