August 26, 2003


As the only physicist in the family, I reply: within tolerance, who cares?

It's a conspiracy to drive you mad.

Since all of the nutrient listings are zero, one really must consider the label to be decorative. Its real purpose in life is giving Wichi Dude and Dudette something about which to worry. LOL!
More nearly seriously, a lot of things get screwed up when information gets translated from one system (or language) to another--and perhaps back, again. (Of course, an obvious alternative is that someone screwed up!)

Boy, just ask one little question, and see what you get. Excuses and not a SINGLE answer.
I'm leaving now, (slinks out of room almost unnoticed.).

You are difficult to unnotice Wichi Dude--especially in your leathers! You command respect.

Hey, hey! This is a family establishment. Careful what you say. Only I can say stuff like that. I don't have a reputation to uphold.

I know what happened to that .05 quart - it's extra to account for spillage.

Spillage or evaporization. Either way.

Easy. The container is for 1.05 Qt or 1L. It does not comes full with milk. The label indicates the amount of milk inside, 1Qt.

So to anwser your question, the 0.5 is the air between the neck of the bottle and the milk.


Fair enough assumption "Gialdy". And from an unknown commenter. Feel free to use a real mail address or site name. If you are cautious, then you can e-mail me with the comments and they won't get posted.
Or, maybe I "know" you already and you are trying to keep it a secret ;) (that's a raised eyebrow).

Why use a real email? I don't want my email full of junk mail. :D

About the assumption, plastic container has it's 1L cliam on it, because it was design for 1L. You don't have to fill the whole container. If you don't then you need a label claim, to say the real amount of liquid inside.

The container might have been design for the rest of the world that uses the SI system and milk is sold by liters and not by quarts.

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